Seth Harry & Associates, Inc.  

Equestrian / Therapeutic Riding Facility Design

Seth Harry & Associates, Inc. and Ruth Landsman, Architect

Seth Harry & Associates, Inc. and Ruth Landsman, bring their full professional experience to the task of designing dedicated, purpose-built facilities expressly for the Equine-facility therapy profession. In addition to their collective professional expertise, both Principals have been active within the Therapeutic Riding community for over 13 years in a variety of capacities from volunteer to Board members of a local program, assisting and participating in therapy sessions and events, including grooming, tacking, side-walking, leading and training of therapy horses, as well as being riders themselves.

Drawing upon that background, the Firm has designed over 15 full-service therapeutic riding and instructional riding program facilities throughout the United States. Each facility was planned and design with the utmost attention to the health, safety and welfare of both the staff, volunteers, clients, and their caregivers, as well as the horses, and with particular care regarding accessibility, mounting, functional efficiency, aesthetic considerations, and of course, budgetary parameters.

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